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Phoenix Professional Services is a social impact firm, fostering change one interaction at a time. Our vision is to enrich individuals and businesses through mental health counseling, holistic treatments, community development, & corporate wellness.

Mental Health Therapy

Mental Health Therapy

Virtual & face to face counseling sessions available for children, adults, and families.

Holistic Services

Holistic Services

Yoga, Meditation/Mindfulness, Fitness, Sound Healing, Reiki & More.

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Retain & attract top talent. Reduce staff stress & increase productivity with innovative wellness resets & custom retreats.

Community Development

Community Development

Clinical in-school, after school, & summer programming. Transitional living & crisis stabilization homes.

Phoenix University

Workshops, Retreats & Trainings

Learning & growing never felt this good!

Women's Wellness Retreat

Impactful Healing Strategies

Sound Bath Meditation

Ready Set Pitch!

Silencing The Inner Critic

Confidence Camp

What’s in your selfcare toolbox.

Enjoy a variety of holistic treatments. Holistic treatments support a mind-body-spirit connection. Our 1 on 1 and group sessions include yoga, sound healing, meditation, fitness, and more.








Reiki - Therapeutic Touch Treatment

A Japanese gentle touch technique that promotes relaxation & stress reduction. Your practitioner will place hands


Vibrational Medicine Treatment

Sound energy is produced when objects vibrate, that vibration creates a energy which transfers into sound waves.


Holistic Fusion Treatment


The most popular & highly recommended treatment. Experience a combination of Reiki, Sound Energy Healing & Guided


Benefits of therapy

Therapy allows you the tools to manage the highs and lows of life.

Therapy provides professional mental and emotional support to address pain and setbacks in life. Therapy helps you to connect with your mind and body, creating a synchronicity needed for a balanced life. Therapy creates ease and acceptance by empowering the healing of self and vital lifestyle adjustment. Therapy promotes improvements in communication, self-advocacy, self-worth, clarity, forgiveness, emotion regulation and so much more.

Are you looking for mental and emotional support that addresses your mind & body?
Are ready to work on past experiences?
Are you ready to reduce your stress?
Are you ready to increase your confidence and motivation?
Are you ready for a treatment that rejuvenates your mental & physical wellness?


The Anchor Box

A mental wellness product, activating compassion & resiliency. Your mindfulness starter pack. A treasure chest of mindfulness.

Learn to play your Tibetan bowl with Trauma therapist & Holistic Practitioner

Tamar Draughn, LPC

Tamar Draughn, LPC

CEO & Director of Integrative Medicine Phoenix Professional Services

About Phoenix

Phoenix Professional Services is a social impact firm, fostering change one interaction at a time. Our vision is to enrich communities across Connecticut through mental health and wellness services. Phoenix provides in-person and virtual mental health counseling, wellness services, community development, training, & retreats. We specialize in creating and operating innovative, strength-based, trauma focused programming and services. Phoenix is a certified CT- Small Business Enterprise (SBE) & Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) located in Hartford, Connecticut.