Virtual Wellness Membership

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Virtual Wellness Membership: We offer flexibility & options for wellness & self-development for busy working professionals. From the comfort of your home, office, or outside space, learn and practice mind-body strategies that reduce trauma, stress & anxiety. Build a stronger self-care routine that includes yoga, fitness, mindset, confidence, & more.

Wellness Reset: Introducing the all-new, all-inclusive online wellness subscription for everyone! Do you have a high performing job with multiple responsibilities? Are you constantly dealing with stress & anxiety? This amazing membership includes everything you need to take care of your mind, body, and soul. Live weekly wellness sessions such as yoga, fitness, meditation, and more! Learn from accomplished business leaders in our live leadership and wellness community. Gain invaluable insights and inspiration.

Create a lifestyle that promotes health, ease, wellness, family, and stability, ensuring your overall well-being and success. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to embark on a transformative wellness journey tailored for hard working people like you!

online wellness membership by Phoenix Professional Services
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We recognize the challenges faced by busy professionals like you. Our program is tailored to fit seamlessly into your demanding schedule, offering a variety of wellness options that you can access whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go. Our mind-body strategies are designed to alleviate stress and anxiety, enabling you to maintain peak performance. Build a robust self-care routine with our flexible offerings in yoga, fitness, mindset training, and confidence-building. Aimed at enhancing your self-awareness, resilience, confidence, and leadership skills, our program supports your pursuit of success in all areas of life

Monthly Offerings:

  • (Bi-Weekly) 30-Minute Fitness Sessions
  • (Bi-Weekly) 30-Minute Yoga Sessions
  • (Weekly) 15-Minute Breathwork/Meditation Sessions
  • (Monthly) Wellness Newsletter/Blog – Curated with tools & tips on work-life balance
  • Access to a pre-recorded wellness library
  • (Quarterly) Leadership Workshops: Discover the impact of your Wellness Journey on business/career vitality and learn from inspiring leaders.

Your BONUS Wellness Resources

  • Digital Wellness Journal
  • Detox Checklist
  • Online Community

In this program, members enjoy remarkable benefits, tripling their ROI with monthly savings of $400. For the unbeatable price of $60.00 per month, you gain access to services valued at $400 per month. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to invest in your well-being and witness the positive transformation it brings to your life.