Corporate Wellness

Are you looking to decrease stress levels, enhance productivity, and drive sales within your company? At Phoenix Professional Services, we offer state-of-the-art corporate wellness solutions that attract, develop, and reward your workforce. By integrating team-building exercises, mind-body strategies, leadership development, and mindset training, we empower your company to excel both professionally and mentally.

We understand the pressing challenges in today’s workplaces, such as high healthcare costs, employee turnover, and pervasive mental health issues like burnout, depression, anxiety, and addiction. Our programs are designed to tackle these issues head-on, reducing healthcare expenses, boosting retention rates, and nurturing your team’s mental wellness and resilience. The correlation between mental health investment and business success is undeniable, with numerous studies highlighting the positive impacts on retention and productivity.

Furthermore, the implementation of comprehensive wellness programs is proven to make companies more attractive to potential employees and to increase loyalty among current staff. Employees consistently perform better and contribute more creatively when they feel valued and supported.

Are you ready to elevate staff morale, health, creativity, and productivity? Our expert team at Phoenix Professional Services is poised to boost your staff’s happiness and mental well-being, ultimately increasing your revenue and fostering a supportive environment where professionals can excel in demanding roles while maintaining access to essential self-care resources. Join us in transforming your workplace into a thriving hub of well-being and productivity.

Corporate Wellness
Corporate Wellness by Phoenix Wellness Solutions
Corporate Wellness offered by Phoenix Wellness Solutions

Services are remote & in person.

Wellness Workshop:

Take a quick break from the daily grind and prioritize your team’s well-being with our empowering 1-hour wellness workshop. It’s time to hit the pause button and invest in your most valuable asset—your team’s health and happiness. Give your team the green light to step away from their desks and pour into their well-being. In this dedicated hour, encourage them to disconnect from work stressors and reconnect with themselves.

Energize and rejuvenate your team with a dynamic fusion of fitness and yoga. Immerse your team in a blissful blend of yoga and sound healing. Take your team on a journey of relaxation and renewal amidst the beauty of nature. Through breathwork exercises and mindful connection with nature, they’ll ground themselves in the present moment.

Wellness Retreat:

Indulge in a half-day or full-day escape curated by wellness extraordinaire, Tamar. Immerse yourself in a myriad of wellness strategies and interactive sessions. Replenish your mind, body, and soul.

Let Tamar create “Your Ultimate Wellness Retreat Experience” Embark on a transformative journey of mind, body, and soul at our immersive wellness retreat, where fitness, yoga, meditation, sound healing, and wellness shopping converge to create an unforgettable experience.

Holistic Wellness Training:

Revolutionize your workforce by empowering them with cutting-edge strategies that foster emotional regulation and trauma reduction. Dive into the transformative realm of mind-body techniques, where science meets practical application to enhance well-being and productivity.

Empower your team with holistic stress reduction strategies to enhance their ability to support clients effectively. Through comprehensive training, equip them with a diverse toolkit of techniques rooted in mindfulness, breathwork, and holistic wellness practices. These strategies not only benefit clients but also foster a culture of self-care and resilience among team members.

Our signature retreat utilizing our wellness product “The Anchor Box”. Each staff member receives an Anchor Box, a treasure chest of mindfulness. The gifts are packaged inside a beautiful box wrapped in affirmations. Inside is an arsenal of coping tools such as a plant, essential oils, Tibetan sound bowl, digital resources & more!

The gifts are packaged inside a beautiful box wrapped in affirmations. Inside is an arsenal of coping tools such as a plant, essential oils, Tibetan sound bowl, digital resources & sound bowl training, & more!

Our services are in person and remote. Contact us today

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